How Do I Register To Vote

To register to vote in the United States, you can start your registration on Once you are on the website, select your state or territory. Depending on its rules, you will find instructions on how to register online, by mail, or in person at your local election office.

If you are a resident of Texas, you can register to vote in person by visiting your county’s Voter Registrar office, by mail by picking up a voter registration application from your county’s Voter Registrar office, public libraries, government offices, or high schools or online.

Here is an example of how to register to vote in California:

1. Go to the California Secretary of State's website.
2. Click on "Register to Vote" button.
3. Fill out the online form.
4. Submit the form.

Remember that voter registration deadlines vary by state and territory. You can check your voter registration status to confirm that you’re able to vote in the next election.